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Our Pastor, 
Dr. Henry Price And First Lady Mrs.Clara Price

 Introducing Dr. Henry Price, Senior Pastor of First Missionary Baptist Church of Houston. A man of deep faith, unwavering compassion, and unwavering commitment to justice, Dr. Price is a guiding force in our congregation and in the wider community.


Beyond his role as a spiritual leader, Dr. Price cherishes his role as a father and grandfather. He finds great joy in nurturing and guiding his family, instilling in them the values of love, integrity, and service. 

Dr. Henry Price is not only a pillar of faith within our church but also a beacon of hope in our community. He actively engages in community leadership, working tirelessly to advocate for human rights and social justice. As a passionate activist, he uses his platform to address issues such as inequality, discrimination, and systematic injustices. His dedication to combating crime and promoting safety is exemplified through his active membership in Ministers against Crime. Dr. Price understands that the importance of  creating safe communities where individuals can thrive and pursue their dreams without fear. 

For over three decades, Dr. Henry Price has served as a trusted spiritual advisor, providing guidance, wisdom, and support to countless individuals. His compassionate presence and deep understanding for human struggle has touched the lives of many, helping them navigate through life's challenges with faith and resilience. 

As the President and senior operator of the Texas Federation of the People Foundation, Dr. Price spearheads a growing and influential social justice nonprofit organization. The foundation focuses on reentry, second chances, and rehabilitation, offering support and resources to individuals transitioning back into society after incarceration. Through this vital work, Dr. Price empowers individuals with the tools they need to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to their communities. 

Dr. Henry Price unwavering commitment to faith, justice and community upliftment is a testament to his remarkable character and leadership. As our Senior Pastor, he inspires us to all to live our faith by actively engaging in the pursuit of social justice, extending grace and compassion to all, and embracing the transformative power of second chances. 

We are truly blessed to have Dr. Henry Price as our senior Pastor, guiding us on our spiritual journeys, and inspiring us to create a more just and compassionate world.  

Introducing Mrs. Clara Price, the esteemed First Lady of First Missionary Baptist Church of Houston.


A woman of grace, strength, and devotion, Mrs. Price is an integral part of our faith community.

With a career spanning three decades, Mrs. Clara Price retired from AT&T, bringing her wealth of experience and knowledge to our church family. Her professional journey taught her the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Beyond her accomplishments in the corporate world, Mrs. Price's most cherished roles are those of a loving mother and grandmother.



She embodies the essence of family, showering her loved ones with unconditional love, wisdom, and support.

Mrs. Price's commitment to the church is unwavering. As a dedicated woman of faith, she plays an active role in nurturing our congregation, supporting various ministries, and promoting spiritual growth within our community. Her genuine warmth and compassion make her a beloved figure among our church members.

With grace and humility, Mrs. Clara Price stands beside her husband, Dr. Henry Price, our Senior Pastor, serving as an example of steadfast faith and unwavering love.



Together, they provide guidance, support, and inspiration to our church family.

As the First Lady of First Missionary Baptist Church of Houston, Mrs. Clara Price is an embodiment of faith, love, and dedication. Her presence blesses our congregation, and her unwavering commitment to God and our church community inspires us all.

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